How To Order

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Timeline of Processing invitations:
I am homeschooling my daughter so I can only accept one order a week. I will schedule you on my calendar. I am usually booked 1-2 months ahead so please consider the time frame when booking. It takes me 1 week to make up to 50 invitations. So, if I scheduled you that week, I will ship them to you that same week.

I usually squeeze orders with same theme I am currently working or scheduled. Which means, even if I am booked 1 month ahead, if my order the following week is 'Princess theme' and your order will be the same, I can squeeze you in.

Vary, depending on the design but to give you an idea here are the price range:
- Invitations: $4.00 - 5.00 each. Minimum of 10 invitations.
- Happy Birthday Banner: $20, if you want to add name, its $1 per letter.
- Door Sign: $15
- Goody Bags: $1.50
- Cupcake topper - 75 cents
- Cake top $15

*Price above is for the design I already have in place, what you see in my website. If you want additional embellishments, decorations. There's an additional fee to cover cost of materials. 

Paypal ONLY. No checks. No money order. If local, you can pay cash upon pick up. They should be paid the same day I scheduled you to make your order.

I use USPS Flat Rate Envelope $6 most of the time, it fits up to 25 invitations. It takes 3 days to arrive and tracking number is provided. If your order is bigger, it will be shipped in USPS Flat Rate Medium box $12.35
If you are within NW Arkansas, you can pick it up at our home to save on shipping.

Since all of our products are made to order and custom made. We do not accept returns.